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Who does not like tasty, aromatic and healthy red caviar, which for many years remains the main festive delicacy? It is important to be able to choose it correctly, because there are many manufacturers, and not everyone can boast of high quality products.

Buying caviar in an unchecked place, there is a risk of buying counterfeit or smuggling, which was stored and transported in violation of all requirements. This can lead to poisoning. In order not to take risks, it is better to buy the delicacy of proven and reliable brands that have declared themselves from the best side. One of these manufacturers is the Special Ambassador.

Overview on caviar

Recently, more and more people want to buy Spetsposol caviar, this is due to the fact that it quickly took its place in the market and loudly announced itself. It first appeared in stores in 2017 and gained popularity among customers due to its affordable price and good quality.

Caviar is produced in a specialized factory with the most modern equipment. The plant is certified according to European quality standards, and the caviar of this brand is the first in Ukraine to receive the “Good Mark”, which is assigned after checking products in European laboratories. Red caviar Spetsposol is offered to customers to choose from in different packaging options for all occasions. The product range is wide and takes into account all needs: from a small jar weighing 60 grams to enjoy alone, to a large jar weighing 275 grams, which is suitable for treating a large company.

Properties and characteristics of caviar

The special ambassador is first-class salmon caviar, which has appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already managed to make a loud statement about itself primarily due to its affordable price and good quality.

The main advantages of salmon caviar

Good packaging choice. You can easily choose the optimal mass of caviar, based on needs. For a rich holiday table, you can purchase a large can. Or a small jar if you just want to eat a delicious delicacy yourself.
Natural orange color, indicating a good quality product.
To the best of salty, which indicates the proper preparation of the delicacy.
Pleasant smell and lack of bitterness. Quite often, red caviar has bitterness, and this spoils the taste of the snack. But the product of this brand boasts an excellent taste without bitterness.
The eggs are rather large and even, so with their help you can decorate some dish on the festive table.
A can with a key that is easy to open, as well as a plastic lid that can be used to close the can if not all of the caviar has been eaten.
Affordable price. The main advantages of this product. The price of caviar for the Special Ambassador will pleasantly surprise many, it is an order of magnitude lower than the price offered by other brands.

In order to protect yourself from buying low-quality products, it is worth choosing responsible sellers who guarantee compliance with transportation and storage standards.

Comparisons with other brands of caviar

When compared with caviar of other brands, the Special Ambassador wins in many respects, and the price is not the last of them. The cost of caviar starts from 80 UAH. per can weighing 60 grams. Due to affordable cost and decent quality, the Special Ambassador quickly and confidently conquered the Ukrainian caviar market. This product is affordable for the vast majority of Ukrainians.

Buy caviar Special Ambassador in Kiev and Ukraine

Are you looking for where to buy red caviar Special Ambassador in Kiev at the lowest price? This can be done in The 1-st СAVIAR STORE . We have presented packages of different sizes, and the cost is an order of magnitude lower than in ordinary retail stores. This is due to the fact that our company works directly with manufacturers.

In our store you can easily find tasty, fragrant and healthy red caviar, which will be a wonderful decoration for any table. It can be purchased as the main delicacy on the festive table or just to treat yourself to a delicious snack.