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Red caviar Shalanda

Red caviar has a rare, sophisticated and rich taste. This delicacy is obtained from salmon fish: pink salmon, chum salmon, trout, coho salmon, and others. On Shalanda caviar, the price is higher than on products of other brands. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer positions its caviar as a premium product in the red caviar segment. However, like other trademarks, Chaland offers various promotional offers and discounts .. Buy this delicacy is only from trusted and responsible sellers who guarantee compliance with storage conditions and the authenticity of products.

Overview on Shalanda caviar

Red caviar has gained great popularity among lovers of tasty and rich food. Currently, the number of people who regularly want to buy Chaland caviar is growing. Caviar Chalanda deservedly took one of the leading positions in the market of fish delicacies. It is produced in a specialized factory certified according to European quality standards and having the Euro number 10-21-20 FP. Qualified, experienced specialists are employed in the production of Chaland red caviar. Before getting to the table to the final consumer, caviar goes through 7 stages of quality control .. There are many packaging options, depending on the required amount of caviar.

Properties and characteristics of Chaland caviar

Caviar Shalanda, over its long history, has acquired a vast audience of loyal consumers. Buyers are confident that by purchasing this delicacy they will be satisfied with their purchase. The manufacturer focuses on the beneficial composition of this caviar. And the quality of products is evidenced by:

appearance: eggs of the same size, elastic, bright, transparent to the lumen, without excess fluid;
great taste: slightly salty and without bitterness;
color: depending on the fish, the color may be amber (pink salmon) or golden orange (chum);
composition: without additional impurities and sediment.

Also, in addition to these properties, this caviar contains many vitamins and minerals, such as:

A - this vitamin helps to improve vision and excretion of unnecessary substances in the body. Strengthens blood vessels and prevents the appearance of blood clots. It is in red caviar that there are many vitamins A in comparison with other products;
B9 folic acid shows excellent results in terms of the development and growth of the circulatory and immune systems. It is ideal for pregnant women.
D - contributes to the most rapid and high-quality absorption of calcium, it also prevents the appearance of rickets in children.
Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Seafood is the main source of fatty acids, and caviar is considered a leader in the content of these substances.

Buy Shalanda caviar in Kiev and Ukraine

You think, where is it better to buy Shalanda red caviar at the best price in Kiev? This can be done at The 1-st СAVIAR STORE . Thanks to direct deliveries from production, we can sell red caviar in bulk and retail at prices much lower than in supermarkets. In our store, you can easily select and purchase the required amount of red caviar. Buying from us, you are guaranteed to get fresh and high-quality products.