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Black caviar

Black caviar is a popular product, a variety of caviar delicacies. Given how much black caviar costs, not everyone can afford such a delicacy every day. Caviar remains one of the most delicious and delicious snacks that can be seen on the table at the most luxurious holidays.

Black caviar contains a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals. This delicacy has such useful properties:

Improves brain function;
Provides the body with phosphorus, potassium, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, sodium and magnesium;
Strengthens the immune system and is an excellent remedy for colds;
Reduces the risk of heart disease;
Removes bad cholesterol;
In diabetes, it increases insulin susceptibility;
Normalizes pressure;
Increases hemoglobin;
The body becomes less susceptible to allergens;
It is an effective cosmetic product that saturates the skin with useful substances, smoothes it and makes it more elastic.

Black caviar buy in Kiev

Buy black caviar in Kiev is not difficult. But every lover of this rare delicacy understands that it is extremely difficult to find an original product with a characteristic taste, aroma and useful properties. It must be understood that buying caviar of unknown origin is dangerous. The product may turn out to be trite stale, there is a big risk of getting severe poisoning. Or you can buy fake caviar by stupidly throwing money away. To prevent this, buying black caviar in Kiev is guaranteed to be safe in the 1st Caviar Supermarket online store.

When making a purchase in a safe and trusted place, the buyer does not risk anything, because he knows that on his table there will be a premium product of a well-known manufacturer. There are several reasons why black caviar in Kiev should be bought in our store:

Products of famous brands.
Affordable prices. We do not need to rent retail space and hire a lot of staff, so our price is 20-30 percent lower than in offline stores.
Show room located in Kiev. You can familiarize yourself with the products in detail, make a purchase or pick up the goods purchased in the online store.
Payment by card, cash or cash on delivery.
Delivery is carried out in Ukraine 365 days a year.
We offer only proven premium products.

Black caviar price

The cost of black caviar depends on several factors: place of purchase, weight and tare of products, producer. The best black caviar Caviar is sold in our store at such prices: the minimum cost is 599 hryvnias per 30 grams, and the cost of a kilogram can is a little over 11 thousand hryvnias. Given the shortage of this delicacy, its usefulness, consumer value and taste, this price is justified. Especially considering that in offline chain stores it is at least 20% higher.

Sturgeon caviar

You can buy sturgeon caviar in our online store. This is the most popular type of black caviar, characterized by unpredictable color and taste. Sturgeon caviar can have a yellowish, greenish and even brownish tint. In terms of fat content, it stands somewhere in the middle among other types of black caviar.

It contains vitamins of groups A, B, C, D, E and PP, is easily and quickly digested, has the characteristic taste for black caviar. Sturgeon caviar is popular because it is a universal appetizer for many dishes and can become a real decoration of any table.

Black caviar wholesale

Buying black caviar in bulk is a very profitable investment, because when you buy a large batch, the buyer receives a good discount. Our store directly cooperates with the world's best producers, so we guarantee an uninterrupted supply of fresh, tasty and nutritious caviar, which is second to none.

If you have any questions, you can contact our wholesale supply specialists and they will give you competent and professional advice. Our store is a leader in the Ukrainian market for the supply and sale of caviar.