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Red caviar Kamchadal

Red caviar is a favorite delicacy in Ukraine and a popular snack for a festive table or a buffet table. The product pleases with excellent taste, health benefits and mild fish aroma. There are many dishes in which you can use red caviar. But most often they buy it in order to just eat as a snack or decorate it with a festive table.

Choosing red caviar among other brands is not an easy task, especially given the fact that there are many producers on the market. Red caviar Kamchadal is a premium product. This is a natural product that can please even the most demanding gourmet.

Overview of caviar Kamchadal

Kamchadal salmon caviar is produced at the most modern enterprise. This is a delicious, traditional caviar from Kamchatka, which is produced in Ukraine. Thanks to strict quality control and the original recipe, the product is obtained in a truly premium quality.

Delicate, bright and resilient eggs look like small beads. They have a pleasant and bright marine, slightly salty taste.

The delicacy is packaged in packages of different sizes and materials:

glass jars - 90 and 185 grams;
can with a euro key - 120 grams;
plastic packaging for a large company - 300 grams.

Thanks to this packaging, you can take the product based on your needs. For a large feast, a large package is suitable, in order to enjoy the taste of the product yourself, you can take a glass or tin jar of packaging up to 120 grams.

Properties and characteristics of Kamchadal caviar

Buy Kamchadal caviar is the perfect solution for any gourmet. Caviar is salted and sorted immediately after fishing. From the moment of catch to the moment of salting, no more than four hours should pass. Thanks to this, the caviar remains fresh. A strict selection is made of smooth, whole, clean eggs. The eggs are assorted, have no films and clots.

The main advantages of the caviar of the presented brand:

Affordable cost. For caviar Kamchadal price is not high. Products are in the middle price segment, and many people can afford to buy them.
Banks have a hologram that protects the product from fakes. The buyer is always sure that he is buying real caviar from a trusted producer.
The production uses the patented recipe of the ambassador, which is already many years old.
Maintaining the correct temperature at all stages is observed. During transportation to Ukraine, storage in a warehouse and during sale, the delicacy is stored in refrigeration equipment all the time, which ensures its freshness and safety.
The presence of a full package of documents proving the originality and origin of caviar.
Full quality control at every stage of production. Control begins from the moment of fishing and until the sale of caviar to the consumer.
Smooth, large, beautiful, eggs of the same color and size, which are the perfect decoration for any festive table.

Comparison with other brands of caviar

Kamchadal is one of the most famous caviar brands in Ukraine. However, he has worthy competitors: Shalanda and Special Ambassador. The main advantage of the presented manufacturer can be considered that it offers premium caviar in terms of price-quality ratio. Unlike the Special Ambassador, Kamchadal is 10-15% more expensive (depending on the volume of the container), but at the same time it wins in the integrity of the eggs and their appearance.

Buy Kamchadal caviar in Kiev and Ukraine

Kamchadal red caviar can be bought in Ukraine in our online store. The 1-st СAVIAR STORE offers a wide range of products, including Kamchadal caviar in different weight containers. Our supermarket directly cooperates with manufacturers, so we offer the freshest products at prices 20-30% lower from offline stores. Our main advantages include:

Delivery of purchased goods to any cities of Ukraine;
Prices for red caviar in bulk are lower than in offline retail outlets;
Uninterrupted supply;
We offer only premium quality products;
Payment: online, cash, cash on delivery;
Regular promotions in our store are another option on how to buy caviar cheaper.

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