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Yellow caviar

Yellow caviar review
Now buying yellow caviar is not a problem - the product is relatively inexpensive, it is sold in most retail outlets. Yellow caviar in the jar is also called partial, has a yellowish tint, graininess. The product is as healthy as red or black caviar. Yellow caviar, the price of which is much lower, has unique nutritional properties and excellent taste.

The most common types of partial seafood are caviar of pollock, capelin, pollack and cod. Less common is caviar of roach, bream, pike perch. Industrial production involves wiping the extracted delicacy with a sieve, after its salting. It turns out the finished breakdown caviar.

Another variety of the product is the roach type. It is made using dry salt, aging in a wooden chest and washing. Then the delicacy is left in barrels. According to this principle, pike perch caviar is made.

Sazanov product is characterized by very small eggs and a dense texture, so it is ideal for cooking pastes. Pike perch caviar is considered the lightest and most watery, so it costs less than many other yellow delicacies. Pike delicacy is now sold at affordable prices, but in tsarist times this delicacy was more expensive than black and other caviar. It is prepared by the breakdown method.

With proper salting, the yellow appetizer acquires special friability and color brightness, regardless of the method of salting.

Features of yellow caviar
The fish that produce the yellow product predominantly live in cold water, belong to commercial fish, and are caught practically all over the world. The delicacy perfectly complements many dishes, and canapes or sandwiches with it become a real decoration of the festive table. In popularity, yellow seafood lags behind black or red caviar, but in taste it is practically no different.

According to doctors and nutritionists, caviar of this variety contains macro and microelements necessary for the body. Almost always, the product is sold in canned form, already salted, ready to eat. If you have fresh caviar, you can pickle it yourself, according to your own taste.

Small eggs have a bright taste and aroma; outwardly, many types of delicacy look like light beige pasta. It is in perfect harmony with herbs, butter, sour cream.

Properties and characteristics of yellow caviar
Seafood is necessary for an adult, children's body for normal development and functioning. Caviar has a higher concentration of vitamins than fish itself. Partial product is often obtained from Atlantic fish. Since it is expensive to transport and store fresh-frozen or fresh delicacy, they prefer to immediately conserve it. However, this does not deprive seafood of their beneficial properties. Yellow caviar is rich in vitamins B1, PP, A, E, C, minerals.

It contains a large number of useful elements:


The benefits of the product for an adult

Yellow caviar is rich in vitamin C, which increases immunity, vitamin E, which favorably affects the skin, nails. Delicacy positively affects the appearance and condition of the body. Zinc supports the health of the reproductive system, which is necessary for couples who want to have a baby.

Seafood has unique antioxidant properties that destroy free radicals. The regular use of yellow caviar removes poisons and toxins from the human body, removes elements that stimulate malignant changes in the cells.

An adult has a more stable nervous system than a child, but this does not prevent him from often suffering from mental illness, stress, and depression. The reason is monotonous mental or physical work, fatigue, stress. The yellow delicacy restores nerve cells, and protects it from negative external factors.

The benefits of yellow caviar for children
Pediatricians recommend starting to accustom the baby to a delicacy at the age of three years, previously it is not advisable to try caviar. The abundance of vitamins and minerals stimulates the proper development of a growing organism, positively affects the emotional and psychological state of the child. A number of vitamins stimulate the formation of bone tissue, trace elements support the immune system.

Babies need more protein than an adult, his muscles are growing rapidly. Yellow caviar is saturated with proteins, while it has a minimal amount of calories. The child does not recover from its use, even if it is prone to fullness, but will receive the necessary proportion of protein.

Where to buy yellow caviar in Kiev and Ukraine
Delicacy is not considered rare - you can buy it in a supermarket, store or market. To get a useful product, it is necessary to carefully check the terms, quality and reputation of the manufacturer.
1st Caviar Supermarket guarantees the quality of its products. The excellent reputation of the store, and many positive reviews confirm: proven brands are presented here.