We have been working on the Ukrainian market of caviar more than 5 years, and we believe that the caviar should be a real, delicious, high quality, and have a fair price. We cooperate directly with producers, and our prices are not contain margin of retail chains and distributors, rental of retail space and stockrooms, salaries for a large number of staff. Therefore, you can buy caviar here on 20-30% cheaper than retail stores.

The 1-st СAVIAR STORE - is an online store where are the best brands of the highest quality!

We have collected only the best red caviaron the shelves, which you can buy quickly and easily, without leaving home. Also in the range is:

- pollock caviar

cod caviar

capelin caviar

pike caviar

black caviar (osetra caviar)

We know everything about caviar and will be happy to help you choose the best product for you.

In our store you can buy red caviar from the leading caviar brands Shalanda, Kamchadal and SPETSPOSOL, as well as red and black caviar of other brands.



Salmon caviar - red caviar - has a large number of sorts, and the most popular ones are presented in our online store.

- Traditional Pink Salmon

- Exquisite Chum Salmon, also called "royal caviar"

- Trout caviar, which has a special taste, at an affordable price for everyone

Lately pike caviar is very popular. Our varitety of product includes non-pasteurized Pike caviar, the price and quality of it`s will be pleasant for you.

Especially nice to present a real delicacy - black caviar. We sell only official black caviar with all documents, the price of it`s is available and fair, and the high quality is confirmed by numerous customer reviews. At your request, you can buy black caviar in different packaging from 30 to 500g

If you want to buy delicious red caviar - just call us at (044) 384-00-74, or place an order on the website.

You can pick up your order in Kiev, in our store, Nikolay Vasilenko str. 7. For your choise, the order can be delivered by courier in Kiev home or office. If you want to receive your order anywhere in Ukraine (Odessa, Dnieper, Kharkiv, Lviv, etc.) - we will send it by Nova Poshta.

Wellcome you for delicious and healthy products in our online store. Choosing caviar in "The 1-st СAVIAR STORE ", you get tasty products at the best prices with quick delivery!


 Welcome to our world of tasty and healthy caviar!