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Cod caviar

Overview of Cod Caviar
You can buy cod caviar in almost any store. The price for it is low, the product can not be called a shortage. Mankind has known about the beneficial properties of a delicacy for many years. In its nutrition, red or black caviar is exactly the same as cod caviar, which can be bought much cheaper. Many do not consider a product noble only because it is not expensive, but this is a big mistake. Cod roe, the price of which is several times lower than sturgeon or salmon delicacies, is a real storehouse of useful substances.

The appetizer has a delicate, pleasant taste. It is a little dry, however, with the correct serving and preparation of this drawback is almost not felt. Partial, breakdown cod caviar in a jar is ideal for preparing festive dishes for the table. It makes delicious salads, sauces, canapes. The vitamin and mineral composition of the delicacy fills the body with health, and the original aroma and taste gives the dishes sophistication.

The natural origin of each beneficial compound found in eggs makes it nutritious and essential for health. To increase the shelf life of caviar, it is canned and packaged in special containers. Small jars of ready-made, salted seafood go to supermarkets, restaurants, shops. A properly preserved snack does not change its chemical composition, preserves its unique taste and beneficial properties.

It is important to choose a product from a trusted manufacturer. High-quality and healthy caviar should not contain additional ingredients, only authorized catalysts. Preservation does not affect the calorie content of the product.

Properties and characteristics of cod roe
Cod caviar is a highly nutritious product in which various vitamins, essential elements, minerals, and beneficial compounds are present. With the regular use of yellow caviar in food, the body receives huge benefits and a supply of necessary substances. Existing health problems recede, energy and activity appear.

A few examples of the effects of caviar product on the body:

Unique omega3 fatty acids improve the functioning of the body;
Caviar, as a natural antioxidant, improves hair, teeth, skin;
The immune and nervous system is strengthened;
Digestive processes, metabolism in children and adults are normalized;
Heart disease recedes, vascular walls strengthen;
The product has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the thyroid gland;
Thanks to vitamin C, the protective function of the body is activated;
The presence of tocopherol gives vitality to people who eat monotonously;
The high content of iodine and iron enhances the process of cortisol production and hormonal balance is restored;
Metabolism improves due to retinol and vitamin B1, which leads to an increase in vitality;
The reproductive system is restored.
Delicacy is useful for people at any age, it has a positive effect on any organism. The modern fashion for healthy eating confirms that cod caviar is essential for people involved in sports. It is able to deal with age-related changes in the body, supports vision and the functioning of the circulatory systems, removes harmful substances, due to which the movement of blood through the vessels is normalized.

Where to buy cod caviar in Kiev and Ukraine
Get the highest quality, useful product is not easy. Many manufacturers use the wrong salting techniques, preserve delicacy not according to standards, add harmful components. We invite you to purchase verified goods in the 1st Caviar Supermarket online store.

During its work on the market, the site managed to gain a reputation as an honest seller. Always the freshest products, only trusted suppliers, a high level of service guaranteed to leave a good impression.

Delivery to anywhere in the country through the offices of New Mail does not take much time. Employees of the store will answer all questions regarding each product, tell you the system of the site and help you choose a delicacy.

Price of cod roe
The 1-st СAVIAR STORE offers the lowest prices for high-quality cod caviar in bulk. For many years, the store has been working directly with trusted suppliers, which allows it to keep prices at a minimum.

The 1-st СAVIAR STORE will pleasantly surprise you with the prices, assortment and quality of goods. Here everyone will find caviar to their taste, will be able to buy it at almost wholesale cost. Ask for quality goods at the best prices in Caviar Supermarket!

Tasty appetizers with cod caviar
Many seafood lovers eat cod delicacy, spreading it on bread with butter. There are more sophisticated ways to prepare caviar dishes. Here are some of them:

Crispy tartlets. In the supermarket you can find special baskets or tubes made of thin wafers. They are great for a gala or family dinner. Rub them with butter from the inside, put a teaspoon of the delicacy. For decoration, you can use parsley or arugula.

Canapes or sandwiches with caviar. Everyone chooses the size and type of bread based on their own wishes and tastes. You can use black bread, sliced ​​in small squares, or standard pieces of loaf. The contents of a small can of delicacy should be mixed with creamy soft cheese - 130 grams of caviar is enough for 70 grams of cheese. Put the mixed mass on bread, decorate the sandwich with thin slices of fresh cucumber or tomato, sprinkle with fried sesame seeds.

Caviar pita bread. Boil one carrot and one potato, finely chop a little onion to taste. Grind the boiled vegetables with a knife. We apply a thin layer of mayonnaise or sour cream on pita bread, spread cod caviar, onions, potatoes and carrots on top. Gently twist the pita bread, after which we cut it into small pieces.

There are many other seafood recipes. They will surely appeal to gourmets and lovers of culinary masterpieces.

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