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Pike caviar

Pike caviar review
Pike caviar in a jar has a special, refined taste. It contains a huge amount of useful elements. To get a delicacy, fishermen visit not large rivers, but small river bays, lakes and ponds. Pikes are most often found here. In such places, fish are caught on an industrial level. Large enterprises are engaged in this, which then offer to buy pike caviar in supermarkets and shops.

Favorite delicacy is pike caviar, the price of which is quite affordable for most lovers of seafood, practically does not differ in appearance from red or black eggs. Possessing a beautiful, oily amber color and granularity, it causes appetite for everyone who looks at the dish.

Fraudsters quite often sell pike caviar under the guise of black, filling the product with harmful dyes. This allows you to make significant profits, the price of black seafood is much higher.

In our country, it is customary to serve dishes with red or black caviar, despite the fact that pike delicacy is not only cheaper, but also contains the same vitamins and minerals.

Interesting Product Information
Several centuries ago it was pike caviar that was much more valuable than black. It was a royal delicacy, accessible only to the most wealthy people.
Pike gladly eats its eggs in large portions, which confirms its nutritional value and usefulness.
The productivity of one fish is from 18 to 220 thousand eggs.
The reservoirs of our country are rich in pike. The fish is quite large, some individuals reach two meters in length and weigh more than forty kilograms.

Properties and characteristics of pike caviar
Seafood is famous for its unique beneficial properties, caviar is no exception. It is rich in vitamin A, which has a positive effect on the skin, hair, teeth and nails. The trace element increases immunity to infectious diseases of the respiratory system, skin viruses. A high level of vitamin E stimulates the dissolution of blood clots in the blood, heals burns, inflammations. Thanks to vitamin D, bone tissue is strengthened, children need it for development and normal growth.

Pike caviar is rich in vitamin B, which can solve a wide variety of health problems. It helps fight:

Acute viral infections;
Chronic fatigue;
Kidney stones;
Impaired immunity;
Problems with pressure and vision.
Folic acid, which contains seafood, is necessary for pregnant women, it positively affects the health and development of the fetus. Pike caviar is rich in iodine, phosphorus, iron, it increases energy, restores the body. The product does not contain carbohydrates or harmful fats, but it is characterized by a large number of polyunsaturated Omega 3. For an elderly person, they are necessary, because it is Omega 3 that reduces the likelihood of developing cancer or atherosclerosis

Where to buy pike caviar in Kiev and Ukraine
Now it is not difficult to purchase a product - it is available in almost every store, however, there is doubt about its shelf life and quality. Often on the shelves of outlets there are low-quality, expired goods.
We suggest you familiarize yourself with the assortment of pike caviar of Astrakhan on the trading floor of the 1st Caviar Supermarket. The quality assurance, excellent reputation and a large number of regular customers suggests that here you will find a really high-quality product.

Convenient site navigation, detailed information about each product and constant customer support online will make your purchase a pleasure, you will certainly come back to us again. The 1-st СAVIAR STORE operates throughout Ukraine, quick delivery of an order to any New Post office.

The price of pike caviar
“The 1-st СAVIAR STORE” offers the most favorable prices for seafood delicacies. Here you will find quality products for every taste at an affordable price. We work directly with caviar producers, without intermediaries, both with retail and wholesale customers. Due to the large volumes of sales on the site of the 1st Caviar Supermarket, the most favorable prices for pike caviar in bulk are set.

Cooking delicious dishes of pike caviar - recipes
Amazing guests with unique snacks with this product is not difficult. It will be an excellent source of nutrients. A delicious dish can be prepared for breakfast or dinner, for your family - for sure it will be to your taste. Here are some interesting recipes:

A gourmet sandwich. We put a little butter and a teaspoon of caviar on fresh white bread. After each we decorate with a leaf of parsley;
Canadian delicacy. Popular in Canada pike caviar paste is very delicate. In a blender, you need to mix caviar with oil, you can add a little cream or greens to taste;
Exquisite assorted. You will need a bowl grated with olive oil, which should be sprinkled with crackers. In it we spread the seafood mixed with dill, raw eggs, pour a little lemon juice. After we add anchovies, ground crackers. Mashed potato is laid out on top of this mass;
Easy spreading.

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