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Pollock caviar

Pollock roe review
Pollock roe in the bank is a healthy and nutritious product, which is now undeservedly considered second-rate. People are sure that an inexpensive snack simply replaces red or black caviar for those who cannot afford to spend a large amount on a product. To buy pollock caviar to the table or for a family dinner, you do not have to spend much.

Pollock roe, the price of which is ten times lower than the sturgeon delicacy, is useful for adults, children, elderly people. This is an affordable product for everyone, capable of healing the body and improving the general physical condition with regular consumption. Red caviar, popular in our country, is obtained from fish of the salmon family, and scarce black appetizer from sturgeons. Pollock is a fairly common fish. It can be found on the counter of every store at an affordable price.

It is because of the cheapness of the product that many people do not attribute it to delicacies. However, an appetizer is always included in a healthy diet, it does not matter the material situation or place of residence of a person.

Pollock is found in sea water, belongs to the cod family, lives in cold water. This is an important industrial fish used in many culinary masterpieces. In addition to the fish themselves, they also eat liver and pollock roe. The meat is used to make surimi minced meat, which is included in crab sticks.

The eggs of the product are small, have a light, beige color, the consistency is watery, outwardly similar to mashed potatoes. Pollock roe has a pronounced taste and fishy smell. Sold already salted and canned in iron cans or plastic containers of various sizes. The most popular are small jars of 90-120 grams.

Properties and characteristics of pollock roe
Seafood is necessary for human health, they contain unique components, minerals, vitamins. Pollock roe is no exception. The product is rich in protein, it contains amino acids that are essential for the body.

Delicacy should be included in the diet for people suffering from anemia, mineral deficiency, loss of strength. Experts recommend eating at least fifty grams of snacks daily. For children, pollock roe is a memory stimulant, it prevents rickets. Pregnant women, eating the product regularly, strengthen the baby's bone tissue.

Optometrists are convinced that people who often eat pollock caviar almost do not suffer from loss or deterioration of vision. According to nutritionists, the snack is indispensable on diets, it removes toxins from the body, restores metabolic processes.

Product components and their benefits
Small-looking eggs are filled with benefits and nutrients. Below are just a few of them:

Due to unsaturated fats, unhealthy fat is broken down, the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis is minimized;
With the help of proteins, the product strengthens the immune system, energizes and improves metabolism;
There are practically no carbohydrates in caviar - it is useful and does not affect the figure;
The presence of vitamins and minerals allows the delicacy to comprehensively affect the body, improving its functionality;

Consider the benefits of yellow caviar as an example of a 100 gram jar. It contains a storehouse of vitamins that positively affect human health.

About 40 micrograms of vitamin A cleanse the body of toxins, stimulate the improvement of immunity. The vessels strengthen, pass vision problems.
Half a milligram of vitamin D helps children stop rickets and strengthen bone tissue.
The amount of phosphorus in 100 grams of the product reaches 28 milligrams. It stimulates the work of muscles, metabolic processes, mental activity, strengthens bones and teeth.
70 milligrams of sodium improves blood flow, dilates blood vessels, strengthens muscle tissue and the nervous system.
More than 8 milligrams of iron is a source of blood enrichment, improving the respiratory system.
13 milligrams of vitamin E act as an indispensable antioxidant. It rejuvenates the body, improves the functionality of the reproductive system, and stimulates the removal of harmful toxins.
A small proportion of iodine positively affects the thyroid gland and its work.
One jar of pollock roe is able to support the whole body, and its regular use will save a person from many health problems.

Where to buy pollock caviar in Kiev and Ukraine
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Pollock roe price
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