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Catalog of production: Red caviar, Black, Yellow, Seafood

Caviar is a unique product with incredible nutritional value and excellent taste. This delicacy has for many years been one of the favorite snacks of a huge percentage of the population of Ukraine.
This is an attribute of luxurious feasts and an integral part of the gourmet menu. It is mainly consumed in combination with other dishes. It can be applied in small portions to sweet pastries (crackers, tartlets), eat with cheese, eggs, various vegetables or spread on bread and butter, as was done since Soviet times. The only problem is that today it is not so easy to find really high-quality, tasty and, most importantly, real caviar. Caviar catalog in The 1-st СAVIAR STORE

Buy caviar in Kiev

“Buy caviar Kiev” is a popular Internet request, because a large number of people cannot live without this delicacy, and it can be extremely difficult to find high-quality caviar. There are a lot of counterfeit products on the caviar market, which only at first glance resemble real caviar, but in reality they are protein fakes. She does not have the same beneficial properties and taste.

In our store there are a large number of different caviar for every taste, and from all famous manufacturers. Thanks to this, you can quickly choose the product that you like.

Assortment of caviar

Our store has a huge assortment of caviar:

Assortment of red caviar. This type of caviar is obtained from salmon fish, mainly salmon and chum salmon. This is one of the most popular types of caviar, which can often be found at a buffet table or a festive table. Shalanda red caviar is a unique product, in addition to interesting taste, it is also very useful:

Strengthens the immune system;
Improves eyesight;
Keeps youth;
Reduces the risk of cancer;
Strengthens the cardiovascular system;
Charges with energy;
Strengthens the joints;
Improves overall well-being.
This product contains all the nutrients and trace elements necessary for the body. Caviar is rich in minerals and vitamins, and is also a source of healthy and digestible protein. Regularly consuming red caviar, you can forget about diseases for a long time and significantly improve your health.

Assortment of black caviar. It is obtained from sturgeons - stellate sturgeon, beluga, sturgeon. Today it is one of the rarest and most expensive delicacies, which remains one of the most beloved products by many people. In addition to its characteristic taste, black caviar has many useful properties:

Boosts immunity;
Improves the work of the cardiovascular system;
Reduces the risk of certain cancers;
It is useful and often even prescribed by doctors with a low content of iron and hemoglobin in the blood;
It is used for diabetes, as it increases the susceptibility of the body to insulin;
Reduces the effect of allergens on the body.

Black caviar contains about the same composition of useful elements and substances as red caviar. It can be used by all people, regardless of age (from 3 years). Due to its fantastic nutritional ability, black caviar is increasingly used in cosmetology. It smoothes, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, strengthens the hair and positively affects their growth.

Assortment of yellow caviar. Yellow or partial caviar is obtained from zander, cod, roach, pike. It has a noble and delicate taste, and also contains nutritional properties. At a price it is more affordable than red or black caviar, so it is bought and eaten more often. Partial caviar contains iron, phosphorus and fish oil. She is:

Positive effect on hemoglobin and blood pressure;
Improves metabolism;
Saturates the body with useful vitamins and minerals.
Assortment of pike caviar. Pike eggs have biological value. It contains easily digestible protein and has a positive effect on the skin condition. Beneficial features:

Useful for those with low hemoglobin levels;
Boosts immunity;
Reduces the risk of colds;
Helps preserve the thyroid gland;
Helps prevent cancer;
Removes toxic substances from the body;
Reduces cholesterol and the risks of cardiovascular disease.
Pike caviar promotes bone development and is effective in preventing rickets;
Improves eyesight.

Buy red caviar Kiev

Many people want to buy red caviar in Kiev, but it is difficult to find a really high-quality product that will delight with its excellent taste and healing properties.

An affordable way to buy caviar is to order it in our store. The 1st Caviar Supermarket offers a wide range. We work exclusively with trusted manufacturers of premium products. This ensures that you buy natural caviar with its characteristic palatability and whole grains.

In our store for red caviar, the price is twenty to thirty percent lower than in offline trading networks. Buying caviar in our Caviar Market you get certified products from manufacturers.

What is useful red caviar

The chemical composition of caviar contains a huge set of nutritious and energetically valuable substances. A third of the product consists of easily digestible protein. Caviar contains various amino acids, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.

The main useful properties of red caviar:

Increases immunity. Due to the rich content of vitamins, caviar favorably affects the state of the immune system. This is an excellent prevention of colds.
Helps prevent cancer. The high content of vitamin C and unsaturated fatty acids make this product an excellent way to prevent cancer.
Improves mental activity and support of the nervous system. Polyunsaturated fatty acids and lecithin trigger mental processes, positively affect the memory and condition of nerves. The substances that make up red caviar protect against psoriasis, cardiovascular diseases and even Alzheimer's disease.
Helps prevent rickets. This delicacy contains a lot of vitamin D, which is the main product for the prevention of rickets in children. A common food source of this vitamin is fish oil. But, unlike fish oil, caviar is more pleasant to eat.
Strengthening the joints by saturating them with essential trace elements.
Potency enhancement. The composition includes substances that improve the production of male sex hormones and have a positive effect on “male power”.
Cosmetology. Red caviar is increasingly used in cosmetology. It nourishes the skin, improving its general condition and preserving youth. Surprisingly, this delicacy normalizes the condition of the skin, helps to cope with eczema, dermatitis and redness of the skin. The skin becomes smoother, firmer and more elastic.

Types of Red Caviar

Depending on the type of fish from which it is obtained, salmon caviar is divided into several main types:

Red caviar. This is a small type of caviar, the size of grains in rare cases reaches 3 millimeters in diameter. Differs in color - bright red and dark yellow. The main taste feature of this type of caviar is a characteristic bitterness.
Pink salmon caviar is the second most popular type of red caviar. Pink salmon is a very prolific fish, and the taste of its caviar is versatile, because almost everyone likes it. The eggs are bright orange in color, and their average size is 5 millimeters. In terms of nutritional value, such caviar also ranks second. One of the main features is that the shell of eggs does not have strength, therefore, when mixed, it bursts, and as a result, juice is formed.
Chum salmon caviar - in the past, royal caviar. The diameter of the eggs is about 6 millimeters, and their color has a pleasant amber hue. With the help of caviar, chum salmon often decorate different dishes. eggs of the production of the correct spherical shape.
Coho salmon caviar - has a dark red color, with notes of light bitterness will leave even the most demanding gourmets satisfied. Each coho salmon contains a concentrated portion of proteins, vitamins, saturated fatty acids, iodine, many minerals and antioxidants.
Red caviar of sockeye salmon was a rather rare delicacy. The eggs are quite small, 3mm. Not many can distinguish the caviar of this noble fish from a fake. However, real sockeye salmon caviar is just a storehouse of useful substances for human health.
Trout is a common name for several species and even forms of fish that belong to the class of salmon. Trout caviar is not as popular in Ukraine as chum salmon caviar, therefore only gourmets are able to evaluate its taste. Regular consumption of trout caviar will give you vitality, youthfulness to the skin. Each trout egg is a real concentrated storehouse of nutrients and vitamins.

Red caviar stamps

There are many brands of red caviar; a number of manufacturers have positively established themselves in the market. Among the popular brands, of course, the following should be noted:

Red caviar Chaland;
Red caviar Kamchadal;
Caviar traditions.
Products are packaged in different containers: glass, plastic, can. Which brand to choose depends on the personal preferences of each buyer and the budget, since the cost of caviar differs depending on the manufacturer.

Red caviar in bulk

1st Caviar Supermarket provides wholesale supplies of red caviar directly from manufacturers. Such a purchase is beneficial for the following reasons:

Fresh products of premium quality.
Low prices from the manufacturer.
Delivery throughout Ukraine.
Direct and uninterrupted supplies.

Buy caviar in Ukraine with delivery

If you want to cheaply buy caviar in Ukraine, then go to our online store. We offer this delicious and healthy delicacy with delivery to any city. This is convenient, because for the purchase you do not even need to leave the house.

Look for where to buy caviar in Kharkov - products are delivered throughout Ukraine. We observe the temperature regime during the transportation of goods. In our catalog, choose different types of caviar from popular brands. If you want to buy caviar in Odessa or buy caviar in wholesale in any other city in Ukraine, then make an order with us and we will deliver the purchase as soon as possible.

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