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Brand Mate Yerba tea Selecta

Tea Yerba Mate Selecta Siempre, 40 g

Factory ID mate7
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Selecta Siempre Mate is an herbal blend from Paraguay that has no analogues!

Selecta Siempre Mate - this means in front of you a high-quality mate with original additives. Also, the composition includes: boldo, star anise, chamomile, clematis and dill.

The drink stimulates and refreshes both in heat and in heat when brewed in warm water.

Ingredients: finely chopped leaves with branches (mate), anise, boldo, clematis, dill, chamomile. Enhanced herbal flavor that perfectly complements the smoky bitterness of Paraguayan mate.

The classic way of cooking
1. Fill with 2/3 of the Yerba Mate Calabash.
2. Close the Calabash hole with your palm, several times
well shake. This is done to
large fractions remained at the bottom, small
from above.
3. Calabas tilts so that Yerba Mate
collapsed against one wall and formed against the other
the void into which you need to insert the bombilla and return
calabash upright (bombilla set once without removing or stirring).
4. Pour some hot water over the bombilla line
(75-80 ° C) and let it get dressed. Top up with hot water
water, completely moisturizing the Yerba Mate.
5. Drink ready-made mum through a bombilla, constantly
topping up with water. When the infusion is over, pour some more water
once and give time for a drink in order to insist. So you can do 2
3 times. It is also possible to have more topping up
loss of taste.

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